How to Repair Door Frame with Easy Way

Repairing a door frame is not as difficult as some people has imagined. With a little carpentry knowledge, people can repair the door frame in a short time. There are some easy ways on how to repair door frame on your own based on the problem itself. Once you find what is wrong with the door frame, you can do the right action and you can have a functional door frame again.

Now, how to repair door frame if the problem is the binding door? The problem can happen because of the plumb hinge or the unsettling door frame. For this problem, you can install a shim under the bottom or under the top hinge. This is a simple way that will make the door edge hang on the vertical line. But, if you have a very old door, then probably the best way to repair it is by installing a new door frame so you won’t have to worry about having the same problem in the future.

Another way to answer your question on how to repair door frame is by removing the old door frame trim and install a new one. You can change your door frame trim with a different style that not only will make your door frame work again but it will also make your door look so different. Hopefully it will do well to improve the interior look of your house.

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