This Engineer talks about construction

Know how to build huge projects the right way in Ohio.

Build Ohio project engineer talks about construction

Jackie Jacob, Project Engineer Shows how it’s done.

Construction trades in Ohio

There are many new constructions trades that are popping up all over Ohio these days. If you have any skills in the construction industry, then Ohio might be a place to look into.

The pay for these construction jobs is very good, and the cost of living in Ohio is low. You have to have the skills though for these jobs. The good news is, that many large construction companies in Ohio are willing to train you.

I have a buddy that moved there from LA and he is loving it. The cost to won a 3 bedroom house is about a third of the cost in LA.

So check out Ohio and see if this industry is right for you.

Minecraft build of the Ohio Stadium

This is pretty cool I have to admit.